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About Me


I’m Dr. Linda, a dream-weaver, star-chaser, and a full-time magic-maker. Even in the wake of a lifelong career in the mundane business world, I want to take you by the hand and lead you into unleashing your inner creative brilliance…if you’ll let me.

As an optimistic dreamer, I paint the world in hues of whimsy and wonder. For real…what else could you call my paintings? I can also be found conjuring stories or doodling delightful dreams on anything blank (paper, canvas, ceramic, you name it). In my world, ideas pop like daisy petals in a summer breeze.

As a professional businessperson, I watch as words and graphics I create spark my whimsy and spread my joy to those whom I work with. I enjoy knowing that my creativity is the spark to others, whether customers, potential buyers, students in my classes, and especially my friends.

My creativity flows as smoothly as the chocolatey river in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. If you hear tippity-tippity-tap-tap, don’t mind me, it’s just my fingers dancing across the keyboard in deliberate pursuit of the right words to describe moonlight in my backyard, or a greeting to the sun on a hot, sticky summer morning. Life is too short to be drab or dull; it’s so much more fun to be colorful and expressive.

Always brimming with curiosity, I can be found in my kitchen or in my “craft-space” working on my next big idea. I love my food creativity as much as my artsy side.  In essence, I’m a whimsical wizard of words and art, a dreamer of dreams, and a charming conjurer of creative capers. And I believe in the magic of the ordinary, the rhythm of the rain, and the tuneful melody of life around me.

If you also find joy (or want to) in this journey called life, let’s connect and create a constellation of creativity!

Acrylic Pour Painting – Art from the Soul

12x24 rectangle canvas-grey, aqua and coral


Pour painting is like a whimsical dance of colors on canvas, where gravity takes the lead to create stunning masterpieces. It’s a playful adventure where vibrant hues mingle and swirl, leaving the audience in awe. Each canvas will spark your inner artist, embarking on a journey where every pour tells a tale of color and creativity that speaks directly to your soul.

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12-inch Round Wood Wall

More than Canvas…

Acrylic painting on glass, wood, or ceramic tile offers a unique way to express creativity and add a touch of artistry to everyday objects. Whether it’s creating stained glass effects on glass, adding personality to woodwork, or bringing life to ceramics, acrylics provide endless possibilities for artistic expression. You’re sure to find something here for your individual style.

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Mini Masterpieces to Wear

Adorn yourself with these wearable wonders – acrylic skin paintings turned miniature masterpieces! A dash of artistic flair, a sprinkle of whimsy, and voilà! You’ve got yourself an accent piece that’ll make Picasso jealous and turn heads faster than a boomerang in a tornado. Embrace your inner art lover and wear creativity proudly!




Other Accessories

Graphic Design